Saturday, May 08, 2010

Social for Distribution

I trust editors less and less. I trust programmers less and less. I've taken control of my own programming, and read fewer reviews than I ever have before.
A big part of this is trusting services like Flixster, and to a lesser degree my social graph on Facebook, and the public consensus on Twitter to filter out all the different media that exists in the world.
Social is a new discovery model. Whether it's a high score on a casual game, or a quick snippit comment from a friend, this has changed the way that I discover content.
As Facebook makes the OpenGraph available on any device with an Internet connection, there is going to be a new battle. Service providers will become dumb pipes, and will have to find innovative ways to build applications and new experiences for the Web 3.0 age.
I'm wondering what services are making great use of the new social discovery model and can make the OpenGraph a key part of the user experience.

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