Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Long time, no speak

There is lots going on in the world right now.
It rained in September in Silicon Valley. And the electronics industry is beginning a new shift.
In the world of wireless where I work, lots of trends are starting to emerge.
The first is the concept of tiered networks. A network can be defined as an interconnected group or system.
Common attributes bring people together, and there is one massive network formed on top of the World Wide Web. This evolution of the telecommunications network now carries much more data than just voice. Over this, we are immersed in a world of digital content like voice calls, video conferences, email, instant messages, photos, music, and video.
The new layer of this network is the one of communities. It adds a human element to the concept, hence companies like Cisco becoming the "Human Network."
The second concept in this world of human networks is that they create value. Advertising, premium subscriptions, and other services are now running on top of this network where people can connect to one another around the world.
The third concept in this network is the ability to manage many types of content via feeds in a widget. These widgets are not blocks manufactured in the factory. Rather, these widgets are small applications that allow you to quickly access relevant data. Whether that data is personal or meant for the world, we are just now starting to see the value of being able to break things apart and host them with many services running together.
Stay tuned for more....

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