Sunday, April 20, 2008

Social Media is a funny thing....

So the online world is a funny place. People rely on updates as their lifeblood of information about what I'm doing, where I am, and what's new in my world. The funny thing is that my network is a combination of life and work, and it's becoming increasingly difficult to separate it out.

Since I've joined the online world again as Director of BizDev at Photobucket, it's now becoming apparent that the content that I generate - in posts, in pictures, in video - are the ultimate way for people to see what I'm doing. But with my schedule, it's becoming difficult to manage.

I think that these days, it's easiest for us to realize a few things -
Social Network posts are not always an indication of what's happening in my life
Convenience is at a premium, and it's difficult to plug off if you're addicted to social networks and social content
My profile is not everything about everything

I'm hopeful that one day, the idea of profiles is tiered, and we'll be able to set different levels of access/viewing to my profile. At some point, it would be useful so that people who should know about my personal life have visibility to anything that I post on it. And for people in my work life, they can just see my professional profile and activities.

Until then, I guess I'll stick to censorship and start keeping multiple profiles....

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