Thursday, May 17, 2012


The excitement is pretty high here in Silicon Valley. It's the night before Facebook's IPO. And most engineers are working on an amazing number of projects. Some of them will succeed and could be the next core feature of the Facebook user experience. And some of them will fail. But they will try.
Hacking has been about the anti-culture. It's actually about innovation, because it creates a constant stream of products and services that can transform an experience. 
Culturally, founders have been lovers of places where there are no rules. It starts with Burning Man. It morphs to Coachella. It becomes Winter Music Festival. Or the Ultra Music Festival. It's about places with no boundaries.
As I build the first culture, I hit a wall where I feel constrained. And then I sit back, and smile because I know that I was taught once to Think Different at a place called IBM. That's how you can create something that lasts. And it starts with every person at the company to write their own job description, define their own goals, and set their own responsibilities. 


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