Monday, January 26, 2009

How my profile changes everything

It's true. I have a profile. I've been an avid user of social media over the past decade as new tools have come out to help me stay connected with people. The profile that I have helps me stay connected with people from elementary school through my working professional life today.
My profile has different meaning depending on who is looking at it, who is following it, and who is interacting with it. Brands have a difficult time distinguishing from my preferences as a professional and as an individual. I use multiple email addresses which establish my identity.
The Media world has not figured out the way to deliver targeted messages to me which compel me to respond. Perhaps new places like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook will give them the right engine to fine tune their messaging. Until then, it will have to rely on me finding offers related to me as an individual and interacting with the ones that make sense.

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