Saturday, February 16, 2008

It's been awhile since I've been here

It's been some time since I've updated anything here with lots of changes.

It seems that the new Open Economy is created to help companies enter into new spaces together. With APIs and developer communities now available from all angles, smaller companies and developers now need to choose where they spend their time based on interests and return.

One needs to consider two things when you are building:
1) Who are you servicing?
2) What interest do you serve?

The rest of the ideas/dreams about users and revenue will come. Some people will develop in this open economy simply because they can. Others will develop because there is a real opportunity to break into some new space with creative new applications...

For the companies making the decision to release an API and establish a community, it's simple. Tap into the creativity of a pool of passionate users and developers who can find new spaces that a company can't otherwise serve. However, it's up to the community to decide the roles and responsibility of the companies services which they build upon.

So I challenge those out there to consider the following:
Are we (the companies) trying to find new spaces?
Are we (the companies) trying to encourage innovation and in what way?
Are we(the companies) educating our community on all the different ways they can build new applications/services?

Just wait. I can't wait to see where the web is headed....


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