Thursday, April 19, 2007

Is Web 2.0 just about collaboration?

So, I've just spent a few days being blown away by the great insights the Web 2.0 community had to share. It's clear that this is more than just a passing fancy, but what was more impressive were the sheer numbers of people who want to understand how this applies to everything about computing.
It started with the notion of shared services in the cloud. While many companies are looking at this, the challenge of building a data center that can scale with amount of information managed in the Internet is unimaginable. People are talking about billions of dollars to be spent!
More importantly, there are different parts to consider in the cloud that change the way an application is managed. Think of your device as the input point. This can be your laptop, a cell phone or smartphone, and even your television. All of these devices have a way for you to save data, whether that be pictures, blogs, or movies and video clips.
Today, I can connect from my PC and post a blog pretty easily, but it still isn't easy to do from a mobile phone, and I could never do it from my TV without having a PC connected to it. The idea of collaboration means that I have the option to view, edit, and manage blogs from anywhere.
Web 2.0 services are clearly here to put the power back in the hands of the people, making it easier to edit content making it look professional and finished and creating a dynamic user experience to be shared with friends and family around the world.
We can certainly start by understanding the web. Now it is up to service providers and consumer brands to figure out a new generation of products that will take advantage of all of these powerful features.


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