Sunday, April 08, 2007

Welcome to Consumer 3.0!

There are too many things happening in the world today. I've kept my thoughts to a number of meetings over the last year, and witnessed many trends emerging before our very eyes. From the early days of the Internet and Web 1.0, to today's digital entertainment experience with mashups, Web 2.0, and nearly every other buzzword for convergence that we can find, people are overwhelmed with choices.
This year has already seen the announcement of the Apple Phone, Apple TV, Sony's Playstation 3, Sony's Home, an online social experiment, and this is only the beginning. The Internet is proving to be the greatest playground for a host of new services, whether they are broadcast, streaming, download, or Peer to Peer, people are being given new tools to personalize their entertainment experience.
The PC is only the start. From the early days of the PC, and the decisions to make it a platform instead of a device created and maintained by a single company, it has spawned a new range of services enabled by applications on the browser. As the browser continues to mature, it has the ability to change the way we access things on mobile phones, televisions, and even our cars.
From the launch of YouTube and MySpace leading a new generation of explosive entertainment options for the consumer, it is changing the way that we use content, manage content, and access content on nearly anything with a screen and a network connection. Video is leading the pack of a new wave of Web 2.0 companies, but it's only the start. Video is the richest experience because it combines picture and sound together. Add interactivity to it, and you get gaming, an industry that has matured over the last thirty years from a few pixels on a screen to the incredible multimedia experience on today's video game consoles like Sony's Playstation 3, Microsoft's XBox 360, and Nintendo's Wii.
Join me here as I continue to talk about the emerging world of digital media, the entertainment experience, and the trends that are transforming the battle for your entire home.
The future of entertainment is opening up, and a radical new ecosystem will emerge before our very eyes bringing companies together to establish a platform for the digital basics.
After all, it's just photos, music, and video.

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