Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Mobility Dilemma

Everywhere I go, it seems that I can't access everything that I want for one reason or another. Whether it is my corporate Instant Messaging, my personal Instant Messaging, or watching the videos and music that I want, it just doesn't seem that easy.
The first problems are around what content I'm allowed to copy. All I know is that at some point, I've paid for content (mostly), and that I want to get it off my laptop or PC onto my MP3 player or even better, my phone.
I want to take the single device to the office, park, gym, use it at home or in the car, and be an example for seamless mobility. I just don't think the experience and the platforms are there yet.
So what can we do? Most importantly, we can develop common platforms so that it isn't so hard to create the applications that will allow us to achieve seamless mobility. Then, we might actually make some progress and be able to carry around nothing more than a drive and log in from anywhere to whatever we as consumers might want to do on the web....


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