Thursday, August 16, 2007

Mobile Webification

Recently, the topics of the mobile web have become very popular.
I've had some time to digest the iPhone, its browser, and ability to handle tasks.
I've realized that I want things faster on my phone, even though it has a slower network connection. I, like many, am accustomed to being able to instantly know that email is there. I found myself pacing when it took an additional 30 seconds to download a larger mail through the email client on my smartphone.
The answer of course, seems to be to increase the speed of the connection. With many devices now carrying a wi-fi connection, there are a whole new range of features designed to make my phone react faster to alerts while saving on my wireless phone bills.
I am learning to slow myself down and accept wireless performance. I can't help but think that there should be a whole range of tools designed to improve the experience of being entertained, communicating with others, and organizing my personal information.
I believe that it is up to developers to find solutions as these phones become easier to program for. I believe that mobile developers will be empowered by platform features that should allow them to integrate services and deliver them as exciting features of devices for years to come.